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Renee (President of ReBUILD)- Hey there! I'm Renee.  I'm a wife and a mom who lived a nice and comfy life for 39 years. Then after a near death illness Jesus turned my world upside down and inside out just to turn it right side up.  I love him with my whole heart and want to live my life completely surrendered to Him! Legally, I am the president of a non-profit, ReBUILD.  That's just a fancy title and really means nothing except that I have a burden and a passion to share Jesus with the least reached of my city! I try and do that by coming alongside people to help and love them any way I can.  The mission is simple: LOVE LIKE JESUS.  

Becky (Children's Director) -  Jude 22, "and some having compassion making a difference." Hi! My name is Becky.  My passion is simple, to love like Jesus.  He has called me specifically to reach the children of our city, but also the families.  To show compassion to my neighbors, to make a difference in people's lives.  I want to walk this road beside our hurting neighbors and help them.  I think Jesus was abundantly clear in His commands to love others, help the orphans, the widows, the afflicted, and the least of these.  My heart is to wrap my arms around the hurting and to love no matter the cost.  

Kayla M (ReBUILD Advocate) - Howdy! My name is Kayla, just your average Dopeless-Hopefeign.  Today, I'm working through real life struggles to improve myself and share the message of Hope to others.  I'm a firm believer that ever action has a reaction, why not spread more positive acations!?! Reaching out and Reaching in. I'm very grateful for alot of things in my life today but nothing beats Hope From The Heart.  

Kayla H (Women's Growth & Development Director) - Hello! My name is Kayla.  I don't have much to say about myself...other than I love my dog like he is my own child.  I teach the craft classes at ReBUILD,..and I help to run the Etsy shop which provides income to women in our community.  I have a background in fashion, but I also firmly believe in helping others and I deeply love this community - which makes this the perfect merging of my interests. I believe that love in the most valuable commodity in our world, and we should all give a little more of it.  My desire is to show others that there is hope. and to help them believe in second chances.  

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