Our Team


Renee (President of ReBUILD)- Hey there! I'm Renee.  I'm a wife and a mom who lived a nice and comfy life for 39 years. Then after a near death illness Jesus turned my world upside down and inside out just to turn it right side up.  I love him with my whole heart and want to live my life completely surrendered to Him! Legally, I am the president of a non-profit, ReBUILD.  That's just a fancy title and really means nothing except that I have a burden and a passion to share Jesus with the least reached of my city! I try and do that by coming alongside people to help and love them any way I can.  The mission is simple: LOVE LIKE JESUS.  

Kayla H (Women's Growth & Development Director) - Hello! My name is Kayla.  I don't have much to say about myself...other than I love my dog like he is my own child.  I teach the craft classes at ReBUILD,..and I help to run the Etsy shop which provides income to women in our community.  I have a background in fashion, but I also firmly believe in helping others and I deeply love this community - which makes this the perfect merging of my interests. I believe that love in the most valuable commodity in our world, and we should all give a little more of it.  My desire is to show others that there is hope. and to help them believe in second chances.  

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