Friday, February 26, 2016

No Harm . No Foul

 I've been focusing on cutting the limits I seem to give myself. I feel I have passed some sort of CheckPoint & sharing that, I only hope someone comes across this, and feels the joy of possibly doing the same to get the feeling I have. It's Amazing, just saying. Only way I can describe it is Mentally Healthy & it's definently Exciting, PeaceOfMind. I've focused a lot on My thought processing & I now fully understand that everything comes down to a decision for me. I know I can not ignore a thought or emotion I have to deal with all things I put my mind through. PROCESS is Key. 
  I have trimmed away the excess fat, the unnecessary and I'm left with nothing but a Heathy State Of Mind. It's something I only want to pass down. ReBuild & the team has helped me in the Battle. Other than pointing at a person I should be like or setting examples I should only meet up to, we have back tracked & help me shied out of all the roles I've played. I had to Personally Clarify who I was, also face OldWays & just "Erase The Hard Drive". ReBoot. No BrainWashing Methods, I swear on that! That would've been easier :P. Where I'm going is when you learn to manage your distorted mind and clear the air, only then could I, Myself hear the message, Gods Calling. My Calling, My Role, Me. There's a You too!
  That's the only way I feel you can have Self Acceptance, Happiness with Self, & get in gear with Self Driven... SELF! When you're being You, there's no feeling of being set up for failure. That's what always scared me away from Change. I knew I couldn't put up any sort of Act & lead by example of a Perfect,Happy,Productive,Approved Member of Society, No Thanks! I'd rather be Kayla. We don't aim to make Copies, or expect from others to cover up their True Identity. I wanna know You. I wanna know if You know You & if not, why you don't? How to get you where you feel Mentally Healthy, Focused & then, My Favorite - Determined. Being honest with yourself & the people building with you is a way to kinda cheat this, people to share opinions and hold you accountable. MyFriends. The Real Kind. 
  You will only Tap into Your Potential . Expand Creativity . Discover Solutions to Life Challenges . See Opportunities instead of Problems . Awaken a Sense of Purpose . Ignite Personal Growth & only Maximize Potential. I just want to pass it on so you can do the Same!