Sunday, December 27, 2015

-Breaking Bread & The Silence-

   I've been thinking a lot about helping others when I'm in the position I'm in. Finding the balance between draining myself dry & walking away from the cries. 
   My intentions today are helping & sharing. Sometimes it's introducing Hope, which can seem like ForceFeeding at times, Sharing Doubts, Weaknesses & a lot about having Faith... Some people I know didn't even know the meaning. If you're continuing to Chase a Dream, not knowing the struggles or understanding the destination, to me = Faith. 
    I've come across a lot of conversations here lately with some of my girls, acknowledging that there's always going to be Obstacles in Life. Sometimes today's are greater than yesterday's. The only thing we can do is Embrace them & try our best to get the message ((There's A Lesson in there somewhere,LearnIt)) You've got to practice keeping your MindOpen & staying  Honest with yourself.
    Today there's a lot of Women out here that are exactly like me, wanting to better themselves but have no Guidance to do so, other than The System. They want a personal Bond with someone that can help repair the damage, the help of ReBUILDING. They absolutely need Positive in their lives, they're hungry for the SoulRepair, if you will. We've seeked the Approval in all the wrong places, not knowing what we were doing to ourselves. Dedicating our lives to The Selfish, Self Righteous, the Feeding Demons, the Little Hitlers, only seeking Control. Our lives have been Lied, Cheated, Betrayed, We were BrainWashed into thinking, this is just the Real World, only because they're the majority of the population we see Everywhere, Everyday, Waiting for Us, WANTing Us. Today it's People Against People, Like They Forgot We Were Equal.
    All I'm trying to get at is, if we're not introduced to the Lord we'll never see the tunnel out of the Wreckage of Evil we're Surrounded by. Physically walking through life with someone who Truely Walks with the Lord everyday, through every Word & intention awakens Our Soul, whispering Deep Within Us that We Are Worthy. In the Bible, Titus says to Appoint Elders Who Love What Is Good. We are StrongWilled Woman, Loyal & Empty... But Emptiness has its advantage, if you look Closely at it. We've gotta Acknowledge the Negative & Cut the Cord. For Me, that's where the Battle began with Self Honesty, & to ReFill on Postives.  But I have a Guidance, I have the Lord in my Heart & a Friend by side. Teaching me Good, Self Worth, Self Respect & helping me Right My Wrongs. I have Great Faith in Renee, without her I'd never know this Life I have today. I have Great Trust that she'll never turn her back on me. I have Great Faith in Renee because she listening to my Cries, hears My Pain, she has Planted The Seed In Me. She is Truely one of Gods Children, greatest example I know. & she found me 3 years ago @ a Homeless Shelter ... Hasn't let go since - Not for One Second.
  Share Your Faith, Your Love... The People Are Starving!